Lou St. Laurent

Louis St. Laurent
Associate Professor

Department of Oceanography
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-4320

telephone: (850) 644-0846
facsimile: (850) 644-2581
email: lous@ocean.fsu.edu

Ocean Mixing Studies at Florida State University

The thermodynamic properties of the ocean, such as temperature, salinity, and buoyancy, and dynamic properties, such as momentum, energy, and vorticity, are governed by numerous hydrodynamic processes. These include:


My research is concerned with small-scale physical processes occurring within the interior of the ocean. These processes include waves, turbulence, diffusion, and convection. All are involved in ocean mixing.

Studies are specifically aimed at understanding the influence of these small-scale physical phenomena on the larger-scale ocean circulation. These studies generally focus on energy exchanges between different classes of fluid motion. This includes the transfer of tidal energy that occurs when large-scale tidal flows interact with the topography of the sea-floor to produce waves. These investigations are based on the analysis of oceanographic data, including direct measurements of turbulence made during sea-going field programs.

Graduate degree programs

Advanced degrees are offered at both the masters and doctorate level through the Department of Oceanography, and through the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute (GFDI). Prospective graduate students with backgrounds in physics, engineering, computational science, and mathematics are encouraged to apply to our programs. International applicants are welcome, and our staff will assist qualified candidates with visa and immigration matters. All students receive stipend (salary) and tuition support.